Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, we do not deal directly with the public. We supply to more than 1000 retail stores of Australia. If the public desires any of our products, please click here to visit our store.

Vinays does carry a number of products that are certified in this manner and this information is contained in the relevant product information sheets.

Many individuals suffer from a whole range of different allergies. That's why, if you are allergic to something in particular, you should always check to make sure it's not listed in the ingredient panel or the 'may contain' statement on any food product. We constantly address the allergen declarations with our suppliers and products containing allergens are indicated on the packs and the product specifications that are contained in this web site.

Yes, please send us your request via our Contact Us page.

Yes, we will happily forward this information to you upon request. Please submit an enquiry to us via our Contact Us page.

MSG is naturally present in many foods. If any of our products contain added MSG, this would be listed as 'flavour enhancer (621)' in the ingredient list on the label.

Yes, we have a range of products that meet the criteria based on the recommended serve size. We can send you a list of these products if you visit the 'Contact Us' section of this website and email us your request at

FMF identified trans fatty acids (TFAs) as an issue of importance more than 10 years ago and took action then to significantly reduce the level of TFAs in their biscuits by replacing partially hydrogenated animal fats with vegetable oils. According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, ' promote cardiovascular health, diets should provide a very low intake of TFAs (hydrogenated oils and fats). This means an intake that is as low as possible. In practice, this implies an intake of less than 1% of daily energy intake.' We recently tested some of FMF most popular biscuits and all fall well below the nutrition goal stated above (the majority indicated TFA levels of <0.1%, i.e. not detectable within limits of the analysis)

Orders can be placed with or with our network of distributors. Please refer to the Contact Us page for state office phone numbers or directly generate order here.

Most product pages contain information about known allergens. Alternatively, please send us your enquiry via our Contact Us page.

They're ingredients that enhance the existing taste and/or smell of a food. Flavour enhancers are listed in the ingredients panel along with their number. Please visit the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand) website on for further information.

Food additives play an important role in our food supply, ensuring our food is safe and meets the needs of consumers.

It means the product in question may contain the ingredients listed in this statement, typically as a result of what is called 'cross-contamination'. For example, we may process a product containing peanuts and the machine is completely cleaned prior to the next product being manufactures, we cannot completely be certain that some residue of the peanut may remain. So the 'May Contains' statements help people who suffer from all types of food allergies to make safe and informed decisions about products.

'Best Before' is the recommended shelf life of the product; it indicates when the product should be eaten by to ensure it is fresh. 'Use By' means it must be eaten on or by that date for product safety reasons. Please visit the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand) website on for further information.

Unfortunately, does not supply direct to the public, however please contact us and we will gladly provide you with information on local distributors who stock our products.

Some foods don't stay fresh without preservatives. If a preservative is added, the ingredients statement and product specifications must declare the inclusion of this preservative.

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